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Maryland alimony attorneys

If you are seeking spousal support during a divorce, our attorneys at Fait, Wise & DiLima, LLP may be able to help advocate for your position. During a court hearing, a judge considers various factors before awarding alimony, and we are prepared to utilize all our legal knowledge to help you possibly obtain a fair alimony award.

When the courts modify a child support ruling or agreement

Child support orders are legally binding, but it's important for parents to realize that the orders can be changed. There is a variety of reasons that a parent in Maryland who is making or receiving child support payments can request a modification of a child support order. It's best to file these motions in court so that the modification is legally binding. Verbal agreements are more easily confused down the road.

Learning about dividing property

Maryland courts follow specific procedures when determining how to dispose of a couple's property through divorce. The first step is to determine whether property is considered separate or marital property. Marital property is generally the property that either you or your spouse acquired during your marriage, such as a bank account, real estate, business, vehicle, furniture, securities, retirement plan or pension. Professional licenses obtained during the marriage are not considered marital property, however.

Guardians can oversee needs of minors and adults

Due to many different types of circumstances, there may be times in the lives of both children and adults in Maryland when they need guardians in order to make sure their needs are met. This generally happens in a family law hearing when a family member or other individual feels that a person requires assistance in having his or her needs represented.

Domestic partners and benefits eligibility

Maryland recognizes both same-sex marriage and same-sex partnerships as valid, legal relationships. Spouses and partners of state employees have been eligible under state law to receive benefits as dependents of their state employee spouses/partners. For people who entered into same-sex marriages in other states where the marriages are also recognized as legally valid, Maryland recognizes those marriages as well, making their dependent spouses/partners equally able to access state benefits.

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