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March 2014 Archives

Extra challenges of asset division during high net worth divorce

Finding a fair way to divide assets when a Maryland couple chooses to divorce is typically a challenge for everyone. When people own illiquid assets, such as a partnership interest in a business or a hedge fund, finding a way to distribute assets equitably becomes significantly more complicated. These assets are common among high net worth individuals and cannot simply be divided in half.

The hidden mistakes made by divorcing spouses

When a marital union comes to an end, couples in Maryland may be making mistakes of which they are not aware. Becoming educated before the process begins may make the entire experience easier and less costly for both parties. The most common errors may include involvement with social media and private information placed with various credit card companies, loan entities and banks.

Divorced parents may have to pay for child's postgrad degree

Divorce laws vary state by state, and one of the variations in these laws relates to a parent's requirements regarding the payment of higher education for a child. In some states, the financial obligation of a parent to provide support for a child will end when the child reaches adult age or when the child is emancipated, but this is not always the case. Understanding how divorce in Maryland relates to higher education expenses is important.

Health insurance and divorce

In many situations, a spouse in a failing marriage feels obligated remain married due to needing the health insurance coverage provided by his or her partner. However, this is changing in Maryland and nationwide as the healthcare marketplace is changed due to the Affordable Care Act. The ACA offers, in many cases, affordable rates and does away with the clause that limits coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

New app helps to keep track of child support payments

Divorce can be a fairly simple procedure in Maryland when the couple is somewhat amicable and they do not need to go to court. Papers are drawn up, assets and debts are divided, and legal fees are paid. In the end, while it can be emotionally painful, the legal process can be painless. This may not be the case when it comes to allocating and keeping track of child support.

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